Barrie Bode

Barrie Bode · TEDxNIU 2017

Raised in St. Louis (Ferguson) Missouri, Barrie is a lifelong Blues and Cardinals fan, and a passionate advocate for science. He is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Northern Illinois University. He earned his PhD at the University of Florida in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and has held previous academic positions at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston and Saint Louis University. His laboratory studies the role of amino acid transporters in cancer cell growth and survival – and their potential as therapeutic targets secondary to metabolic derangements in tumors, particularly for the amino acid glutamine. The National Cancer Institute has supported his research. He enjoys cooking for friends/family, wine, “football Sundays”, gardening and nature, as well as running. Also enjoys food, a little too much… along with his family’s three dogs, thus the running. His metabolism is the only thing that has become more efficient with age.