Overcoming Obstacles

Giuliano Zuccato · TEDxNIU 2014

Giuliano Zuccato talks about the course of his own destiny and how obstacles can become an opportunity. As an Italian immigrate and a former employee of the Ford Motor Company he talks about his experiences and where his life adventures took him.

What would be the likelihood that someone with an 8th grade education coming from a farming community in Italy would migrate to the USA and be part of the team that created the original Mustang, and be able to present his ideas to the chairman of Ford Motor Company? Well, it happened!

Giuliano Zuccato, was born in a river town near Venice in Italy, a town surrounded by the beauty of the alps and the sea, a farming community, filled with many artisans. His ancestors were wood workers, and mill building was their specialty.The name Zuccato can be traced to the time of the Venetian Republic. They were prominent mosaicists of the 14th century that corroborated with the famous painter Titian.

Giuliano retired from Ford Motor Company in 1988, presently owns and operates Concepts International, a company dedicated to product development. Sculpting is one of his passions that he enjoys in his spare time.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.