TEDxNIU is run by students at Northern Illinois University. We prepare year-round for an annual TEDxNIU event every April. Members of our team have these responsibilities:

  • Finding speakers
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Managing ticket sales
  • Booking a venue and ordering catering
  • Finding sponsorships
  • Managing¬†finances
  • Coordinating marketing efforts
  • Designing marketing materials
  • Maintaining social media and a website
  • And more!

Ways to Get Involved

Executive Board Membership

Executive Board members are leaders of smaller teams of student volunteers in TEDxNIU. Executive Board positions include a Director or Codirectors, Marketing Coordinator, Speaker Coordinator, Graphics and Design Coordinator, Social Media/Sales Coordinator, and a Sponsorship/Finance Coordinator. Elections for these positions take place near the end of each spring semester. Meet this year’s Executive Board.

Join a Team Led by an Executive Board Member

Join us for regular meetings starting at the beginning of the fall semester to get involved in a team led by an Executive Board member. We have regular meetings during the fall and spring semesters. Check us out on Facebook or contact us to find out when we’re meeting next.

Volunteer During the TEDxNIU Event

Volunteer Sign Up

You can also sign up to help on the day of the TEDxNIU event. A limited number of volunteer spots are available. You will need to attend a volunteer meeting and be present for the duration of the TEDxNIU event. Volunteers at the TEDxNIU event assist with:

  • Venue set-up
  • Registration and check-in
  • Sound monitoring
  • Food transport and distribution
  • Crowd control
  • Clean up
  • Hospitality